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Building Long-term networks

Keep your referral networks fresh, motivated, and longing to help you. Finding referrals is one thing sustaining your networks for the long-term partnership is another. The relationship between the two is how you approach and manage the people in your networks. 

In this episode, we share effective ways to keep your referral contacts fresh and motivated to help you bring in clients and refer your business to more people in their networks.

Listen for insights on cultivating networks for lasting success.

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Utilizing a professional network for business

As an enAs an entrepreneur, building a solid referral network can be a game-changer for your business. But how do you approach people for referrals and speak confidently outside your comfort zone? Explore in this episode the tried-and-true methods for setting up a referral network that works. 

Tune in to discover the essential components of building referral networks successfully with different types of connections you already have- employees, friends, businesses, etc. 

These approaches work whether you are new to networking or an experienced pro. Listen in!

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How to Create a Referral Network For Your Business

Learn the secrets of successful networking and turn your connections into valuable assets. 

One of the biggest mistakes that new entrepreneurs make is overlooking the value of their current relationships. You may already have friends, family members, or colleagues who would be more than happy to refer new clients to your business. By cultivating these connections and nurturing the relationships, you can create a powerful referral network that will help you reach more clients even before heavily investing in marketing.

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Using referral networks to prospect and find business clients

Quality leads? Well, every business thrives on the quality and quantity of traffic coming its way. Referral networking has one of the highest rates of quality leads. It is your most effective channel for prospecting and finding clients, even if you are a small business. 

Tune in as we kick off a new series on using your networks to find clients for the business.

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Effective Communication In the Making of an Engaged and Connected Team

In this episode of Tagline, we discuss the ‘how to’ of communication for an engaged and connected team. Communication is essential for any successful business; without it, teams can quickly become disconnected, disengaged, and unproductive. We break down how you can use it effectively to maintain focus and morale within your team.

Tune in for practical advice to ensure your team stays connected, motivated, and ready to work.

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The Pitfalls of Poor Team Management and Your Business

Poor team management not only leads to financial losses but affects employee well-being. Ultimately, low input equals low output, which impacts the company’s bottom line. In this first part of the team management series, we zero in on the team management pitfalls most businesses are not aware are putting a dent in their productivity. Listen to what you should be attentive to when it comes to teams and what these signs mean.
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Hiring for Fit and Culture: What to Look for in a Candidate for Your Team

Putting together a team is not a problem; putting together one that works is entirely another ball game. In part two of our series, we help answer why it’s important to be mindful of cultural fit rather than just skillset. We explore the importance of hiring individuals who align with your company values and mesh with the existing team dynamic. You’ll also learn what traits to look for and how to assess which candidate is best suited for the role and your team. Tune in now for invaluable insights on hiring for fit and culture.

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