Strategies That Help You Stay Focused – Minipod by Tonika Bruce

You have your to-do list, resources, and you know what you need to do. But when it’s time for the actual work, your mind seems to drift off. Find out how to build muscle for sustained attention and productivity in this episode.

How Determining Your Values Helps Improve Your Personal Life – Minipod by Tonika Bruce

In a society where values have no place, it’s hard to identify and focus on what matters to you as an individual. Identifying values that define you makes your life richer and meaningful. Find out those that matter, why, and how you can apply them to your life.
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5 Habits of Innovative People – Minipod by Tonika Bruce

Are you an innovative person? There are specific traits that mark people with highly creative minds. They burst with energy, productivity, and fresh ideas. That’s because they have developed habits that sharpen their thinking. That can be you as well. If you are determined to follow and apply these same habits to your life, you can maximize your innovative potential.

Strategies That Help You Create Your Most Productive Day – Minipod by Tonika Bruce

Isn’t it amazing to end the day with the knowledge that you checked off every item on your to-do list? Having a productive day takes discipline and planning. Follow Tonika as she shares her best tips on ensuring you go to bed accomplished daily.

What Successful People Do Relentlessly – Minipod by Tonika Bruce

Find out how to unapologetically go after your goals. So, what is that going to take? In this inspiring episode, you’ll learn just what successful people do that keeps them winning. You can also connect with coach Tonika Bruce on social media for daily doses of inspiration and success tips

How to Build Courage and Develop Personal Dominance – Minipod by Tonika Bruce

Every single person on earth has fears. Even the most successful and put-together ones face moments of doubt, discouragement, and failure. But instead of letting these challenges hold them back, they rise above them and move forward. It’s not because they have superpowers. Today’s episode shares how you also can brave the limitations and dominate your personal space.