5 Qualities that Make You an Awesome Nurse By Tonika Bruce

Good nurses are the ones that comfort and care in exactly the right way; the ones that excel in the profession. But what makes a good nurse awesome? In this episode, we will tackle the top five qualities awesome nurses have in common.

Selflessness in The Nursing Profession By Tonika Bruce

Are you cut out to be a nurse? One of the signs that you can be a great nurse is if you have the ability to serve others who are in need without expecting anything in return. In this episode, we will discuss the value of selflessness in the nursing profession.

Finding Balance Between Emotional Struggles and Responsibilities Among Nurses By Tonika Bruce

Achieving a work-life balance has been a long-standing issue for all nurses With longer working hours and increasing job demands, it is no surprise that dissatisfaction, depression, and burnout have become common among healthcare providers. In this podcast, The Network Nurse will share ways nurses can achieve a work-life balance episode.