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Effective Communication In the Making of an Engaged and Connected Team

In this episode of Tagline, we discuss the ‘how to’ of communication for an engaged and connected team. Communication is essential for any successful business; without it, teams can quickly become disconnected, disengaged, and unproductive. We break down how you can use it effectively to maintain focus and morale within your team.

Tune in for practical advice to ensure your team stays connected, motivated, and ready to work.

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Hiring for Fit and Culture: What to Look for in a Candidate for Your Team

Putting together a team is not a problem; putting together one that works is entirely another ball game. In part two of our series, we help answer why it’s important to be mindful of cultural fit rather than just skillset. We explore the importance of hiring individuals who align with your company values and mesh with the existing team dynamic. You’ll also learn what traits to look for and how to assess which candidate is best suited for the role and your team. Tune in now for invaluable insights on hiring for fit and culture.

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